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LED Baton Road Flare Kit



1. Place from 1to 3 flares into the Pockets in the Charging Case with the flat side facing dowm.When placed correctly the (+) and (-) Terminal Symbols will be aligned.The flares are held inside of the pocket by the magnet.

2. Depending on your application,plug male end of the appropriate 12V or 120V Charging Adapter into the Power Input Port in the charging case.

3. Plug the 12V or 120V Charging Adapter into either a 12V power receptacle or 120V wall outlet.

l Red Power Adapter Indicatpor Light = Will illuminater on either power adapter when plugged into a power source

l Green/Yellow Charging Indicator Light = charger in process.Light will go from green to yellow during the charging process.

l Red Charging Indicator Light = fully charged OR there are no flares present to charge

NOTE:It is normal for the charging adapters to become warm during use.

4. The lid to the charging case may be closed during charging.To close completely make sure the cord sits within the CLOT provided.

Note:Stand-by charging feature allows flares to be kept plugged in when not in use without damage to the battery or unit.Ensures the flares will be charged and ready for use when needed.


1. Emergency Road Flare

l Replaces standard incendiary flares

l Use to alert drivers to potential roadside danger,mark detours,signal for help.

2. Safety Wand

l Use as a hand-held signaling device to direct traffic (vehicle,crowds,aviation,marine),signal for help

l Used by emergency services,airport ground crews,road construction crews and personal vehicle safety

3. Features

l Safer and ecologically better for our environment than flame stle emergency road flares.No spark,open flame,fumes or toxic chemicals are produced when using as a road flare.

l Shock resistant construction makes it very durable and can withstand the impact of roadside traffic.Caneven be run over by a truck and still operate.Used by fire,police,and other emergency responders.

l Waterproof so it may be used for marine applications and safely in wet environments,including submerged to a depth of 50 feet.Will float unless secured.

l Using the magnet on the back or handle end,attach to any ferrous metal surface.Place on a vehicle,fence,or other metal surface.

l Lie flat or upright on it’s handle end for vertical placement.Place on the road,at construction sites,vehicle bumper or other surface,and anywhere needing emergency signaling.

Note:It is not recommended that you disassemble the Flare.If it is not reassembled correctly it may result in failure of the waterproof seal and damage to the unit.


Press the ON/OFF BUTTON on each flare to rotate through the following 5 light patterns:


#2-Ouad Flash

#3-Alternating Blinks

#4-SOS Rescue (Morse Code)

#5-Steady on - high


Alternate Operation:

To turn off the flare without cycling through the 5 light patterns,press and hold the ON/OFF BUTTON for 2 seconds.One LEDSwill flash five times and then turn off.When ready to operate again,press the ON/OFF BUTTON and it will return to the last flash pattern that was selected before turning off.



The battery will be fully charged with either charger within 8-10 hours.When fully charged you may expect these run times:



#2-Ouad Flash


#3-Alternating Blinks


#4-SOS Rescue (Morse Code)


#5-Steady on - high


Note:The stand-by charging feature allows flares to be kept plugged in when not in use without damage to the battery or unit.Ensures the flares will be charged and ready for use when needed.Flares will keep a full charge for 90 days.

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